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Signs of the Zodiac explained by Big Dipper Bill

Favorite Links

  • “Tonight’s sky”-
    Skywatching tips, Star pronunciation guide
  • “Astronomical Data”
    Sunrise/sunset times, moonrise/moonset times, moon
    phases, eclipses; interactive solar system
  • “Astronomy for kids”
    Information about each of the solar systems' planets,
    sky maps for kids, astronomical word search
  • “Sky & Telescope Magazine”
    Written by renowned astronomers and science writers from every continent, Sky & Telescope is a resource for stargazers of all levels, from novices learning the constellations to veteran telescope makers and astrophotographers. Their website includes news articles, image gallery, lists of software and web resources, and searchable databases of astronomy events, clubs, museums, planetariums, and observatories.
  • “StarTrak”
    Indiana University, Bloomington Monthly guide to what's going on in the sky. Spanish-language version also available.
  • “Your Sky”
    Allows you to create three types of personalized maps: a Sky Map showing the entire sky as viewed from a given location at a specified time and date a Horizon
    View showing the stars above the horizon as seen from a specified observing site at a given date and time a Virtual Telescope allowing you to set time and date, aiming point, orbital elements to track an asteroid or comet.
  • “Backyard Astronomy” -
  • “Bad Astronomy”
  • “Astronomy Connection”

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Awesome Constellation encounters with Big Dipper Bill

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Awesome Constellation encounters with Big Dipper Bill

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