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Witness the Zodiac, understand the incredible concept of a ‘light year’, discover how to locate the famous mythological evening figures such as Orion, Queens, Kings, monstrous snakes, heroes and a parade of animals. Hold a genuine meteorite!

Understand the incredible immensity of interstellar distances. You will certainly be humbled....... See the dippers, the North Star, and much, much more.............

This awesome night sky experience utilizes large unique luminescent (Glow in the dark) hand held constellation plaques. After learning about some interesting information regarding a constellation while it is illuminated by artificial light -that light is turned off, and it is at that point that things get amazing! On the dazzling plaque now brilliantly will GLOW, the predominant stars of that constellation. That hand held plaque next will be held up high for all to see, and properly oriented in the sky above.

You will be able to “match” the plaque’s stars to the ‘real stars’ above. Finally, the astronomy laser is ‘fired up’ and points up to the sky - seeming to almost ‘touch’ the stars as the beam projects 4 miles to the heavens above and proceeds to outline the same glow-in-the-dark stars you had just viewed on the plaque!

You will be able to learn of and often SEE the constellation associated with your BIRTH SIGN. Big Dipper Bill will gladly pass along tips on how you can easily locate your birth sign on your own.

Awesome Constellation encounters with Big Dipper Bill

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